email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to stay connected to your clients. It´s an invaluable tool to keep customers updated on current specials, your involvement in the community, press releases, inform them of new products and services and to announce the completion of a big project.

Why Opening Doors?


  • Custom Brand Imagery...NO CLIPART!

  • No templates! The email design will be unique to your company. Maintaining consistency to your audience with your logo, typeface, colors and message.

  • Links To Specific Areas On Your Website.

  • Business Social Networking Links.

  • Strategic Email Marketing Campaign,
    which track opens, forwards and unique clicks.

  • Email marketing is an affordable way to have your name fresh in your client's mind and a mode to drive traffic to your website. Whether you choose a bi-weekly, monthly, or a quarterly email campaign, Opening Doors MN can design custom brand imagery that gets noticed and drives customers to your website.

    The Results:

    The results of each email campaign can be seen in a report that even shows who opened it and who didn't.

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